• A Life is

    Not Important Excep in the

    Impact is has on Other Lives

    -Jackie Robinson



The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything.  It’s your mind you have to convince.  Vince Lombardi

In the span of seven years, Tom Hulsey has faced three life-threatening diseases. With each diagnosis, he had to hold on to his winning mindset, to decide to live and subsequently inspire others no matter what their life challenges.  These challenges have given Tom a wonderful perspective on life.  He never intended to take this journey, but through his illnesses, he found a sense of higher meaning in his plight by switching from nursing his own personal sense of tragedy(s) to encouraging empathy for others. During this time he has transformed himself into a men’s health champion, advocating for research funding, creating awareness, educating, and providing hope and inspiration to those dealing with challenges in their lives.

All book sale proceeds are being donated to organizations that are making a positive impact on Humankind.


Physician Contributors

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Rikesh Patel, MD, FACC

Interventional Cardiologist

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Richard Bowman, MD

Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgeon

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Mitchell Sokoloff, MD, FACS

Urologic Oncologist

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Ashley Ross, MD, PhD

Urologic Oncologist



Dave Scott

6X IRONMAN® World Champion

The daunting challenge for major life hurdles is making the commitment to evolve and grow. Tom Hulsey’s, The Winning Mindset That Saved My Life – 2nd Edition – provides the seeds to challenge your thought…

Mike Eruzione

Captain of the Gold Medal 1980
USA “Miracle on Ice” Hockey Team

I would never want to go into a game thinking I have no chance, as with any challenge in life. Even though in the back of my mind, I know it’s going to be real hard. But the front of my mind was always saying,

Alexander Tunley (Ret.)

Chief U.S. Navy SEAL

In this book Tom takes you through his powerful journey from IRONMAN® to cancer survivor. He demonstrates how the IRONMAN mindset that helped him train and execute possibly the world’s most difficult …

Kelvin A. Moses


Hearing a diagnosis of cancer can be terrifying and isolating. Tom has sage advice for methods of managing the minefield of surviving the diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship of cancer using a positive mindset


United States Congressman

I encourage those seeking comfort in a difficult time to read about Tom’s journey so that they can find strength in his story.

Mark Allen

6X IRONMAN® World Champion

No one gets a hall pass through life. Every one of us on this planet will have moments, or ever years, where we feel we can’t deal with what is in front of us…moments when we just want to quit.


Executive Chair & Chairman of the Board, FranklinCovey

The Winning Mindset That Saved My Life is a deeply inspiring, insightful, must read for all of us who face challenges as we journey through life!


Frm. President & CEO, Dallas Stars

The Winning Mindset That Saved My Life is a compelling portrait of one man’s successful battle with what scares all of us…a cancer diagnosis. Tom’s journey is poignant, vivid, and told from the heart



As a prostate cancer survivor, I can say every word in Tom Hulsey’s book can be leaned on to help you in your fight. Reading Tom’s book can help you set your sights on that goal.


Frm. CEO, ZERO Cancer

Tom’s prostate cancer journey from diagnosis to Kona Ironman Triathlete to no quit advocacy leader inspires and paints a pathway to survive and thrive past life’s most daunting challenges.

Oliver Sartor

M.D. C.E

The challenges of cancer almost always touch men by surprise and for men to take control of the situation and learn how to persevere is one of the most important issue that can occur in a patient’s journey.

Book Dedications

The Second Edition is dedicated to my dad. Dad set an amazing example of healthy living. He died two days before the first edition was published; October 29, 2018.


The First Edition is dedicated to the memory of my Urologist and confidant, Michael Gruber.  Dr. Gruber died unexpectedly March 3, 2018.


The First Edition is dedicated to the memory of my friend, Bill Rollings. Bill lost his battle with prostate cancer May 13, 2013.

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