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Choosing the Right Mindset

December 27, 2017

The dictionary defines mindset as a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.  This is an intentional act.  It does not happen by accident.  A positive mindset keeps you focused in the right direction.  Conversely, a fixed mindset focuses on a negative outcome.

Immediately after learning of my cancer diagnosis, I had a fixed mindset.  I felt sorry for myself. I was ready to give up and avoid the challenge.  During my cancer battle I made the choice to shift my mindset from fear to determination.  It kept me focused.  Armed with a new mindset, my effort and attitude determined everything.  I embraced the challenge and  persisted despite the obstacles.  Without a doubt, mindset impacted my journey.

With a growth/positive mindset, look up and forward to what’s ahead and beyond your current challenge, struggle or goal.  The right mindset takes courage and diligence.  It can help you step out of your comfort zone.  Your mindset is key in the choices you make, and the habits you create.    If you are suffering from an illness, try focusing your energy on healing instead of feeling like a victim.   Mindset simply must be considered essential, not an optional add-on that pops up on good days and disappears when the going gets hard.

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  1. You are my hero brother!!! Happy New Year!!


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