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Be Intentional

January 12, 2018

Maintaining a winning mindset is a conscious choice and a key component is being intentional.

Sometimes if something goes wrong, we don’t stop and look at how we might have impacted the outcome.   When we examine that and stay conscious with our actions and thoughts, we can end up with a much more intentional life.

Being intentional means pay attention!  My Mom taught me that pain is the body’s way of telling you there is something wrong; don’t ignore it – listen!  Being diligent in listening to your body is part of being intentional.

Setting goals was the best thing I did in anticipation of my post cancer surgery regime.  Goals gave structure to my game plan; it made me intentional.  This was key both physically and mentally.   Goals, when you stick to them, make you accountable to taking intentional actions.

Being intentional will keep you focused.   You have to be intentional about your everyday actions.  That intention with your actions will keep you focused.

Being intentional has been easier for me post-cancer, for two reasons.  One, I had very specific goals to get through my cancer fight and two, I was competing for something greater than myself, a Cause that was making a positive impact on society.



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