When “i” is replaced by “we,” even illness becomes wellness

Many issues in life are overwhelming; getting diagnosed with cancer is one of those. I’ve been very fortunate. Many of my friends and colleagues that are part of this “brotherhood” haven’t been as fortunate. Prostate cancer is terribly underfunded (and misunderstood) compared to other Cancers because men don’t talk about it. They don’t engage because of the personal nature of the problem.

Lesson’s learned during my cancer journey:

  • Don’t keep the negative emotions bottled up inside; seek help/support group – talk about it.
  • Cancer is not something to be experienced in isolation because the feeling of aloneness can swiftly overtake you – as it almost did with me.

The WINNING MINDSET THAT SAVED MY LIFE is a great resource, AND it benefits cancer research and education! To quote a recent book review, “I am a Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer. What an amazing and inspiring book to give to someone fighting cancer. Tom gives everyone hope and inspiration. It’s not only for cancer survivors but a must read for all caregivers as well as other family members. Cancer has many challenges one being the emotional struggle once diagnosed. One being how lonely they feel when they receive the diagnosis. Tom gives people the inspiration to find their voice to share their fear with others. I lost my father to esophageal cancer 14 years ago and I wish I would have had a book like this to help my family through this tough time. Thank you Tom for sharing your personal story so that others can benefit!” – Pam Patrick



About the blogger @TomHulsey
After Tom beat cancer and achieved his post-surgery goals, he turned his focus to education and advocacy. He is a Board Member at ZERO The End of Prostate Cancer, volunteers at the Baylor Scott & White Cancer Health & Wellness Center, and a Reviewer for the DoD’s (Department of Defense) Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs. He is the author of THE WINNING MINDSET THAT SAVED MY LIFE. Net proceeds from book sales will be donated to cancer research.




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