CEO, Principle Logistics Group

As a fellow cancer survivor, I was very thankful to of met Tom during my journey. His insights and honesty regarding his struggle with this horrible disease really helped me better understand the mindset I needed to make decisions and fight through my recovery.

I was equally impressed with his goal-setting and even more so, the amazing accomplishments…..who competes in the IRONMAN – the hardest, most grueling competition of its kind months after surgery? Not many people, I can assure you. Few regular folks can even come close, present company included!

Then he shifts gears and passionately attacks the need for a cure – he now is getting Prostate Cancer on the radar of our government and insurance companies, while continuing to provide hope to those fighting this disease and those who have survived.

I am very thankful Tom came into my life at a time when I had way more questions than answers.

As he so famously says “Life is not a spectator sport!”

Amen my friend, amen.

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