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There are certain people who make you a better person. Tom Hulsey is one of those people. Tom is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, and his great desire to back is second to none. His energy and enthusiasm are evident in the substantial time he volunteers in helping cancer patients, his philanthropic work and is a humble servant and leader to everyone he meets.

I have known him personally and professionally for 25 plus years and he really has challenged me and inspired me. His mission (legacy) is to find a cure for cancer, as exemplified by his new book, The Winning Mindset that Saved my Life. Net profits from this book will be donated to cancer research. I admire Tom’s candor and leveraging his story to “make a difference!”

You will find his message inspirational no matter where you are in life, facing a challenge or setting new goals, Tom can give you that little bit of extra encouragement we all need now and then.

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